Guide In Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Paint

You might live in an area where you have the freedom to choose whatever paint color you want for your home’s exterior but it does not mean you should not take into consideration your neighbors because your choice of colors will obviously impact the entire street. Choosing interior colors can be quite different from picking out exterior colors. This is known all too well by commercial painters in Sydney because they have seen how an unflattering paint color can affect the look of the entire street.

When choosing your home’s exterior paint color, make sure to consider all factors such as roofing, landscaping and hardscaping. The color scheme should be in line with your style but also complements the surrounding. Here are a few things to keep in check when choosing exterior paint colors.

  • Look around your surrounding and determine the elements that are not possible to change. This should be the anchor when choosing a color because that particular element and the house’s color should complement as they will remain stuck together for a long, long time. These elements are usually part of your home that remains the same without major renovation being done.
  • Take into account the architectural style of your home as well as the era it was inspired with. This will help you determine the exterior paint color that will match your style and the house’s architecture. You can even ask paint manufacturers to show you paint colors that are historically accurate to help narrow down the options.
  • Decide on the visual effect for your home. If it is located smack in the middle of the neighborhood unattractive, you should choose a brighter color to make your home stand out. If your house is the attention grabber on your street, you might want to settle with darker colors to tone it down a bit.
  • Do not settle on one color alone but three or more shades should suffice. The rule of thumb according to commercial painters in Sydney is to have a field color, accent color and a trim color in order to complete an exterior paint palette.

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