Guidelines To Choose A Financial Advisor

Financial planning is a complex subject, which is difficult to understand for the layman. The services of a competent financial advisor helps to evaluate and manage ones finances and create path to achieve one’s financial goals. However, with the presence of a number of options, choosing the right planner is a daunting task.

A financial advisor has access to all your financial investments and it is necessary to pay attention to detail and act with due diligence, while choosing a planner. No matter whether you are opting for online financial advice or offline advisor, here are few things to remember before signing the agreement.


It is essential to research the qualifications and certifications received by the financial planner. A planner should be very knowledgeable about the different types of financial issues faced by the clients and must have the expertise to advise them. Hiring a qualified and experienced financial planner will ensure that your money and investments are well taken care of.

Background check

Carry a background check of the financial planner. The company offering online financial advice or the financial planner, should not have any complaints registered against them. You can ask the planner to provide references of past and existing clients and speak to them to know in details about the quality of services offered by the planner.

Sample plan

Ask the financial planner to provide you with a sample plan. Sit with him and discuss each and every detail of the plan. This exercise helps you to identify the investment philosophy of the advisor. The financial advisor should be willing to clear all your queries and discuss in detail about the choice of investments and reasons for picking them.


Fees is an essential part which is often ignored. No financial planner provides free services, though some big companies provide free online financial advice for the beginners. The fee charged by the planners generally, depends upon the experience and expertise of the planner, the requirements of the client and the amount to be managed. Discuss the fees and look closely for any hidden charges. Some planners charge an hourly rate, while others charge a percentage of the total amount to be managed as their fees.



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