Home Atmosphere: A Few Pointers

How someone treats their home says a lot about them. What “feel” their home gives out, even more so. Some homes look neat and tidy, but can feel lifeless, bland. Some homes look chaotic and disheveled, but feel inspired and energetic. It’s important that your home ultimately feel like your home; like you fit there perfectly, and the atmosphere of a home contributes greatly to that.

There are several key things to consider when adjusting your home for the right atmosphere. Now, I won’t be able to cover all of them, but here are some I think are well worth noting.

  • Content. What’s in the house is, obviously, quite important in ensuring it feels right to the people inhabiting it. Take note of what sort of aesthetic you want to go with for the house, and/or if you want a room to possess a unique aesthetic, separate from the rest of the house. If so, a proper transition in aesthetic style is key. For example, a frameless shower is generally considered a contemporary piece, and would, obviously, be ill-fit in more antique or older aesthetic motifs.
  • Placement. Where every piece of furniture or decor is set goes a long way in ensuring a home feels right. Minimal spacing between items makes for an efficient space, but overdoing that makes everything feel cramped. Open rooms denote freedom, but too much implies emptiness. Finding a balance is key.
  • Of course, the color of your furniture, decor and materials used go a long way for atmosphere. If you’ve ever wondered why some people agonize over choosing between eggshell or ecru, or between orchid and lavender, it’s because choosing the right colors can work wonders for atmosphere.
  • Lighting. The big L, lighting contributes a great deal towards atmosphere. With regards to the previous points, proper lighting is enable through proper placement of the proper kind of windows. Where the light shines in your house can determine a lot about atmosphere. How much, is also important, as too much light is blinding and a nuisance, too little is dark and gives the place a restraining feel.

Anyway, those are few pointers I had for home atmosphere improvement, hopefully, they were of some help in making your home, really feel like home.

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