How A Heroin Addict Fought And Won Over His Addiction

Dean (not his real name) recounts his life as a heroin addict. He describes how the drug has affected his life and how he was able to overcome the addiction. According to Dean after he has shoot up on heroin, he would get an amazing rush. It felt like he was on top of the world but once the high really sets in, the mind gets fuzzy and real slow. The feeling is like sinking to the floor. Time simply passed by without Dean knowing whether he was awake or asleep.

Dean got hooked to heroin real quick; he needed the drug to get by. When it took long for him to have a fix, he felt like dying in an awful way with the pain on his bones, nausea, chills and inability to sleep for days. When Dean got busted for heroin, he got a short jail sentence and soon he was back on the streets. The second time he was caught by the police, the judge placed him on a drug treatment program.

When Dean was out of jail, he tried to control the addiction so as to stay out of trouble but in addiction, there is no such thing as control. Dean was willing to do anything as long as he gets a fix. When he overdosed and ended up in a hospital, Dean got real scared that drug use will eventually kill him.

The drug treatment program required Dean to stay with other guys who were trying to recover from addiction. At the halfway house, there were lots of Narcotics Anonymous meetings and classes to help the addicts rebuild their lives. Taking methadone helped Dean to stay clean for good. Dean is no longer a junkie; he is no longer dependent on drugs.

There are different methods used by drug rehabilitation centers to treat drug addiction but at Passages Malibu, the treatment is customized according to the specific needs of the individual. Each individual situation and scenario is considered before a drug treatment plan is implemented. The treatment program includes chemical dependence and spiritual counseling, therapy sessions, acupuncture, body work and continuing care.

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