How Bankstown Podiatry Clinic Saves My day

It was an ordinary day for me. I was accomplishing some of the tasks from my to-do list when I suddenly felt a pain on my ankle. It was when I rapidly walk on the busy street to meet a friend. At first, the pain is tolerable that is why I ignored it and continue walking. Minutes later the pain turned to mild then excruciating. My friend noticed that I was not feeling well. I can’t take a single step more from where we are.  Then, she decided to look the nearest the clinic and brought me there.

I’m so lucky that in Bankstown podiatry clinics are popular.  I didn’t even know the term podiatry until she searched it on the internet. In the clinic, I was attended very carefully and efficiently. One attendant came to our rescue right way the moment we entered the door. Maybe because of my facial expression that she knew right away that I am suffering from pain. She examined my foot and referred me to get an x-ray. When the diagnosis came, I was in shock when I learned that surgery needs to be done.

I was not expecting that the ordinary day for me will turn out unforgettable. Who would not remember a day when you were just walking then suddenly a surgery needs to be done? I was lucky enough that I have my friend on my side when it happened.

Lessoned learned: take it slow. That’s what I learned that day. We are living in this generation when everyone is constantly moving and hasting, it will not hurt if we take it slow for a bit. No wonder that ankle and leg injuries became common these days because of our needs and wants to finish every task we have the fastest we can. Not everyone is lucky enough like me that in Bankstown podiatry clinics are easy to find.

Our feet take us to places that we wanted to go that is why we should really take care of them. Give them the rest they deserve for us to continue to move forward.

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