How Life In The Courthouse Changed During The Pandemic

It is perhaps safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has seriously changed the world of law firms like Donich Law and the practice of criminal law. Many law firms were forced to adopt new technology and modernize the antiquated paper-based processes. Some of the changes have been beneficial because it made the criminal law practice more efficient and cost-effective.

It took a pandemic for law firms to realize that lawyers won’t have to attend set date appearances, stand-down resolution meetings, judicial pre-trials, bail hearings and guilty pleas at courthouses. It is universally accepted that these procedures can be handled remotely to comply with social distancing protocols.

After staying at home for most of the time, it is no longer surprising to find the courthouse outfitted with plexiglass and hand sanitizers at every corner. Safety from Covid-19 is still the main priority. It doesn’t take long to feel at ease in the new environment but inside the courtroom it is business as usual.

In the past, the practice of criminal law was filled with energy. There were mainstay counsels in various jurisdictions to whom questions about the intricacies of local practices were directed to. There were duty counsels milling about the cells and bail courts trying to secure the freedom of the accused. There were fresh-faced law students who appeared overwhelmed with everything that is happening.

Everything has changed with telephone and Zoom hearings, electronic disclosures and the requirements to keep the people present at the courtroom at a minimum. For most lawyers, the courthouse is the workplace or more like a job site. Being in court is the work that lawyers are being paid to do.

In between court hearings, there are discussions with colleagues on the laws, the practice of law and the personalities in the field. Sometimes, there is harmless gossip where information can be gained on how to deal with senior partners.

Fortunately for people who have been accused of crime, there is Donich Law that will protect their rights and interests. There are legal protections in place for the accused to ensure that they are treated fairly and will be judged according to reliable evidence.

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