How Should Companies Respond To Negative Feedback

The digital agency can be considered lucky enough to receive a positive King Kong marketing review from employees and clients. Most potential customers prefer to read reviews before they make a purchase decision over a product or service. Starred ratings and comments can have a big impact on a digital agency that is trying to find new customers and attract quality employees.

Consumers trust online reviews in the same weight as word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends. However, what must a company do in case negative comments about a product or service is posted online by its customers? According to a study by Harvard Business Review, when businesses respond to both positive and negative feedback, their ratings subsequently increase.

Responding to negative reviews can help a business owner learn from his mistakes. The learning curve will help in improving the business’s reputation and customer’s overall experience. However, responding to reviews can be difficult because it is time consuming and awkward. Each type of review requires a specific response to improve customer satisfaction or prevent a potential problem.

Before responding to a negative review, it is important to assess and evaluate the feedback. If the review is about a mistake the business has apparently made, respond to the mistake publicly. If the details of the review are not clear, it won’t hurt the business to ask questions. Customers like businesses that show empathy and offer solutions.

Responding to a negative review won’t lead to a digital confrontation. Bad reviews can hurt the company’s reputation. Take a moment to think of ways to improve the brand and customer service. Customer reviews are very powerful and if you react without thinking, it can result in more anger and dissatisfaction. Do not get emotional. Reach out to the customer privately before you leave a response publicly.

Employees are not paid to leave a King Kong marketing review online. They post positive feedback according to their own experience with the digital agency. They understand that a positive review will attract long term long employees and clients. They know that people are reading reviews to guide them with their decision.

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