How To Choose A Painting Agency

Painting a home is a crucial part in the interior design. Choosing the right painter is as important as selecting the right shades of the colour palette. Painting is a skilful job, which has to be done by professionals. Most of the homeowners choose the painters offering the least price quotation but later regret the decision.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose a professional company offering interior painting in Sydney, services and other services like exterior painting, skirting, door painting etc.

Ask for references

Asking for referrals from family and friends is the right way to get information about reputed painters. Get referrals from known sources helps you to get trustworthy advice. You can also get contacts of professional painting agencies from trade magazines and local directories. Internet is also a good place to search for painting companies in your neighbourhood. Most of the popular companies have their websites, which are a good source to know about the services offered by the company and get estimations for your project.

Get quotes from at least three agencies

It is advisable to get pricing estimates from at least three painting agencies. Have an interview with the painting company and let them know your requirements and preferences. Ask them to provide an estimate depending on your expectations. The estimates should contain details about the different services included in the contract, the extent of masking and covering, number of coats, type and quality of paint and finishes, number of painters and the approximate time required to complete the job.

Ask questions

Ask the painting contractor questions about the brand and quality of the paints used by the company, experience of the company, licenses and insurance, workmanship guarantees provided by the company and the qualifications and experience of the painting professionals employed with them. Ask the company to provide references of past clients and contact them to get feedback about the quality of painting services offered by the company.

Compare the prices and select a company

Once you finish shortlisting the painting companies, compare the prices quoted by each company and choose a company offering quality interior painting in Sydney, services at competitive prices. Choose a painting agency with good reputation of completing the project on time and using high quality products.

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