How To Find The Best Hotel In Pattaya That Will Suit Your Requirements

From a quiet fishing village years ago, Pattaya has transformed into popular tourist destination. The city is now lined with resort hotels like 4 star hotel in Pattaya, high rise condos, shopping malls and night clubs. From morning till night, the beaches of Pattaya are teeming with life because visitors do not want to miss a thing during their brief stay in the island.

There is always something to explore in Pattaya. There are also many opportunities for entertainment for families, couples, business travellers and groups. If it is your first time to visit Thailand, choosing a hotel in Pattaya can be quite daunting with the wide range of choices. There are beach resorts family resorts and luxury resorts that are within easy reach from the beach.

Pattaya has 3 main areas – Naklua, Pattaya Beach and Jomtien. Each of the areas is characterized by their own unique environments and attractions. At Pattaya Beach, visitors will never be bored because of the wealth of experiences offered by the awesome beaches, best restaurants and shopping malls.oo

Meanwhile, Jomtien is packed with condos, resorts, hotels and shops. Compared to Pattaya, the area is less rowdy although it has its share of attractions. The 6-kilometer stretch of sand allows the visitor to enjoy a pleasurable and leisurely day at the beach, splashing in the clean waters or simply enjoying the cheap seafood snacks that are being peddled by wandering vendors.

The beaches along Naklua are considered the finest in the area and second only to the uninhabited Far islands. You can find 5-star hotel chains along the area because it is a quieter and more peaceful part of Pattaya. The area is perfect for visitors who want to experience the way that small fishing communities live. Fresh produce for fine dining restaurants are supplied by the fishermen from Naklua.

Fifteen minutes drive away from 4 star hotel in Pattaya is a 3-kilometer beach where visitors can enjoy a wide range of water sports like windsailing, banana boating, parasailing, kite boarding and jet skiing. If you are not too adventurous, you can simply enjoy a dip in the waters or sit in the sand to gain a tan.

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