How To Increase Lead Generation For Your Insurance Company

If you have an insurance firm then you might be challenged when it comes to lead generation. There are various recommendations when it comes to lead generation depending on the company but it can be hard to keep up with all the other options available for you. This article will discuss the most common ones and you are the judge on what is suitable for your business.

You have two options when it comes to getting new leads – the first one is to buy them and the second option is to generate your own. There are many ways for a company to buy leads but what make generating them worth it are the advantages you gain. While it may take a lot of your time, the result of the leads you get might come as a surprise. There are five categories wherein a company can use lead generation – online marketing, advertising, personal contact, referrals and events.

For online marketing, it is the most commonly used method because of the evolution of technology and the tendency of consumers to use their gadgets on a daily basis. According to a statistics from Simply Business, local businesses are found by consumers through the use of the internet 97 per cent of the time while local content consists 73 per cent of the activities online. In addition, 9 consumers out of 10 are more likely to visit a local business that they discover online. Lead generation can be achieved through web presence, local directories, content marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, PPC ads or pay per click advertising, banner adverts, blogging, guest blogging, link requests, social media platforms, podcasts, webinars, video marketing, email marketing and request of contact information.

Lead generation through advertising can be done through newspaper ads, yellow pages, radio ads, television ads, specialized ads, flyers and hangers, sponsorships, giving away freebies, guerilla marketing method, info booklets and scholarships. Referrals is another lead generation method used by insurance and can be done in many ways through partnerships, incentives, lead exchange groups, direct requests, co-registration, and network development.


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