How To Make The Most Your Of Your Stay In Koh Tao

Many tourists from all around the world would love to stay at a lovely villa in Koh Tao, but the island has so much more to offer. Here are some ways to enjoy the place and make the most out of your vacation.


Set your expectations


Before booking for a villa in Koh Tao, it’s best to know what the place is like first. It is one of the large islands near Phuket. However, despite its close proximity to such a busy part of Thailand and accelerating developments, the island remains a refuge.


The island’s local residents offer homestay programs as well, which caught the attention of the National Geographic Traveller magazine, and put the island on the world map as it earned the World Legacy Award for Destination Stewardship in 2002. This award was given by the Conservation International in partnership with the said magazine.


Amenities and activities


Make sure to withdraw cash before going to the island, however, as it doesn’t have banking facilities there. Other amenities are available, such as Internet connection, convenience stores, air conditioning, and some new shops.


Some famous activities you could try are swimming, hiking, snorkelling, kayaking, and watching agricultural demonstrations.




Although you might be tempted to go all out in the island, its local residents are still traditional, and so you might want to remember to pack some modest clothing and avoid drinking outside resorts or restaurants.


Lean back and relax


The island isn’t home to any popular landmark or tourist attraction, but it is a place for travellers to find some peace and quiet. The simple life in the island is something noteworthy, however, with wooden houses lining the roads, and rice paddles where buffalos take mud baths to beat the heat. Driving around the island, travellers can also see rubber plantations, and the beautiful mangroves in the middle of the sea.


Tourists may also frequently see locals lounging in the afternoon, or just chatting, as the locals seem to be just as laid back as the island itself.


While you’re at it, your hotel might offer you to rent a sea kayak or rising Koh Hong, which is a breath-taking rock formation facing the island.

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