How To Setup Your Restaurant Business

If you wanted to achieve the same level of success that Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan reached as a restaurateur in Latin America, the first thing you have to know is the basics in setting up your own restaurant business. Everyone must start from the bottom in order to come out on top.

  • Concept/Brand. Before moving forward, these two things must be clear to you at the get-go. You should know the concept you want your restaurant to have such as the ambiance, the food and the service style. As you get to know you concept, you will also know your brand. When you have put these two together, you will know the identity of your restaurant, its personality and, most of all, its mission.
  • Menu. This is the time to pick out the items that will be included in your menu. Start with the basic ones. Once you have this figured out, you will know the equipment you will need for the restaurant, the staff you need to hire and the customers you need to target. The menu does not have to be perfect at this point but a solid idea should be formed already.
  • Business Plan. You will need this if you wanted to look for investors later on or if you are going to ask for loans from financial institutions. It must have everything from Executive Summary to Financial Projection.
  • Funding. This is the time to determine how much money you need to open the restaurant and to maintain it for at least a year while in operation. Everything should be budgeted to get an idea of the amount you will need.
  • Location. Choose a space that is visible and easy to access, it must have your target demographics and make sure there are no established competitions. Do not forget to take into account the labor costs in the area.
  • Permits. This is important in order to legally operate the restaurant.
  • Equipment and supplier. You should be able to get everything you need in one place in a more affordable rate in order to make sure you get to have decent profit to keep operating.
  • Layout. If you ask successful restaurateur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, he will tell you that the layout plays an important role because it affects the performance of the staff and also the mood the customers.

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