How To Sound Proof Your Windows At Home

The entire room can be soundproofed but the biggest challenge lies with the windows. As for the rest, all you have to do is install a sound proof glass but noise leakage is common in exterior windows. During construction of a residential property, regular windows are not designed to soundproof. The frame can have small gaps wherein the noise can pass through.

Majority of soundproof windows nowadays have three pane of thick glass which is especially designed for noise reduction. Noise disturbance is not ideal especially in an office space located in the middle of the city. It affects the peace of mind of the workers as well as their productivity.

There are features that differentiate sound proofed windows from regular ones such as thicker glass and special frames. Soundproof windows are usually made with laminated glass in thick panes with maximum thickness reaching 3/4 of an inch. It is proven that the thicker the glass is, the higher the soundproofing level. Manufacturers of windows oftentimes incorporate PVB plastic layer in between the panes in order to suppress the vibration. The space is then filled with gas like krypton and argon. The gas acts as a buffer that further lessens the noise disruption.

There are professionals that would advise the installation of a soundproof window along with the existing windows in the house. This option is advantageous because the structure does not need to be modified and there are no repairs required. These soundproof windows come with special frames that can be easily attached to the mounting systems.

With this option, the existing windows can be used as usual while the soundproof windows can be removed when necessary. Soundproof windows are created with frames equipped with spring to act as a seal against the existing window frame when installed. The same spring is responsible in making sure that the level of draft and vibration is reduced. Sound is also suppressed through an air vacuum created.

Windows with sound proof glass that has an STC rating of more than 40 is considered to be excellent in noise blocking and is therefore considered a good investment.

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