How To Write Good Online Reviews

With how much online shopping people do these days, there’s no denying the power contained in an online review; a King Kong digital agency review can do a lot to sway people’s opinion on the internet.

One of the notable cons of online shopping is that people can’t see or test products, which is why they turn to online reviews. Data varies, but it’s generally agreed upon that the vast majority of people trust online reviews for their purchases. On top of that, Google uses reviews to rank products.

Reviews need to feel good and authentic, as anything that feels off can actually hurt more than negative reviews. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing reviews.

Avoid sounding promotional

A review isn’t a promotion of a product, that’s the first thing to keep in mind. The brand and the buyers want is a description of the actual experience; how it felt to use, how it made you react, that sort of thing.

It’s all about giving an opinion, without sounding like you’re putting it down or shilling. Proof like screenshots and videos help, of course.

Details of the product

Important information, like what the product’s condition, how to get it, and other things like that, should always be accurate and precise. Even how long it took for delivery is something that people ask about, so talk about that in a review.

Be responsive

As mentioned before, a good review isn’t a promo. It should feel more anecdotal, like the start of a conversation. Write a King Kong digital agency review like you’re looking to talk to others, discuss about what works, and see if you can sway their opinion.


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