How Ugly Christmas Sweaters Came To Be

You may have heard of ugly Christmas sweaters as a trending outfit during the holidays and even during Christmas in July events but do you know how it all started? This has become such a common item to be seen during the holidays that it is considered as a part of a tradition much like wresting for sale items during the Black Friday sale. The garment used to be considered as tacky but it is now viewed in a new light.

Sweater was developed before the end of the 19th century. These are the regular and traditional styles. The ugly Christmas sweater, on the other hand, came to rise only a few decades ago. Bill Cosby is one of the famous persons who introduced the trend to the modern era. Sweaters are often seen as a symbol of a man working for his family. It was welcomed with open arms once again but before the 90s began, the trend for ugly Christmas sweater decided to take a backseat.

It was only in the past decade that it is starting to gain back its popularity. The rise started in 2001 and from then on it has become a part of the yearly tradition. The tops are larger than before and the prints and decors are more absurd and ironic than one could ever imagine. Due to this latest craze, a number of organizations are impacted positively such as Goodwill, vintage stores and even the Salvation Army.

The trend of wearing ugly Christmas sweater started and in just a few years a large part of the public is hooked too. There are even parties dedicated for the ugly garment alone and competitions are held in order to celebrate those who make the ugliest and tackiest design possible.

For people who are fun of the runway, they must have seen the rise to fame of the ugly sweaters. For the latest season, the most popular prints are tribal and Fair Isle. Those who are addicted with the ugly Christmas sweaters are not just in the United States but also in United Kingdom.

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