How Women Can Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Sexual Assault

According to a sexual assault lawyer it is important for victims of sexual assault to report the offense and pursue legal action against the perpetuators to help in the healing process. Experiencing sexual abuse can have long term physical, mental and emotional effects. A lawyer will ensure that you gain all the support you deserve during the most crucial time.

In the United States, at least one in every three women has experienced some kind of sexual harassment. Victims of sexual assault do not consent at any time to sexual activity but it happens due to physical force or threats. It is possible that the attacker offered the victim drugs or alcohol before the assault.

It is common for sexual assault to be committed by an individual that the victim knows. The individual can be an ex-boyfriend, friend, acquaintance or a relative. It is important to make yourself safe around others to avoid being sexually assaulted. If you need to go to parties, go with friends and leave with them afterwards.

First dates must always be held in public places. Always listen to your instincts. Do not be afraid to hurt the feelings of a person you feel uncomfortable to be around. If the individual tries to prevent you from leaving, try to catch the attention of other people. Ask them to help you leave the place safely.

Always be on the lookout for your friend. For example, if you friend is already drunk, take her to a safe place. It is very likely that she will do the same for you in the future. Use code words with friends to notify them that you need help.

Always be aware of how much you drink because most sexual attacks happen when the victim is drunk. Drinking does not make the sexual attack as your fault but it can make you forget what has happened.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, a trusted sexual assault lawyer can help you file criminal charges against the perpetuator. Do not be afraid because you have legal and emotional support. Your gender does not matter when filing a complaint.

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