How You Should Choose The British International School

Through the years, sending kids to a British international school in Thailand has grown to be popular among Thai affluent families and expats. For several expats, sending their children to such international school will assure them similar curricula taught in many Western countries and the global quality of education ever taught. For the affluent Thais, they send their children to international schools for high quality education, rather than a regular public or private school.

As there are several international schools starting to operate in Thailand, it is a must for parents to know how to choose the best international school for their kids. Below are some helpful tips when you make a choice for the best international schools like a British international school for your youngsters:

  • Curriculum

Various international schools in Thailand have variable curricula. There are those teaching the British or American-style curriculum, while there are others who feature Australian, Canadian, French, German and Japanese curriculum. So, to really choose the right international school for your kids, ensure that it fits their strengths and capabilities to learn.

  • Accreditation

To ensure that the international school you have chosen to shortlist your children complies with all the international requirements in terms of the standards for education, hiring of teachers and admin staff, safety, fee structures, and the best practices of that specific school, you need to assure yourself they are accredited with global accreditations agencies or bodies like the Council of International Schools (CIS), the Worldwide Education Service (WES), or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

  • The Hugeness of the School and Classes

If you want to choose the best British international school in Bangkok, go for larger schools with minimal class size. If the class size is smaller, you have your child learning more as they are well-attended by teachers and their support staff.

  • Teaching Staff

If the international school has hired native English speakers, they are actually the best as they have been trained and experienced in Western curriculum with English as the major language. While you verify the citizenship of the teacher, try to find out what the teaching staff turnover is.

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