Importance Of Choosing The Right Currency Exchange

We need currency exchange for a lot of purposes such as foreign travel, paying tuition fees if you are studying abroad, buying property abroad etc. It is very important to choose a reputed and trustworthy currency exchange to ensure you get the right price for exchange and stay safe from fraudulent agents.

I have used the services of Knightsbridge FX to convert currency for my trip abroad. Their quick and friendly service helped in a seamless transactions. Here are a few reasons, why it is important to choose a reputed currency exchange.

Quick Transactions

The cash is delivered within 2 working days to your destination. You need not step out of your house to visit several banks and currency exchanges. Just login to the website of Knightsbridge FX and get the currency transferred to your destination with the click of a mouse. You can get the money transferred to any country around the world.

Competitive Rates

Rates offered at Knightsbridge are very competitive. I have personally compared the rates with other exchanges and banks, and found them to be quite low. They offer the best exchange rate guarantee, which helps you to save money.

No-obligation Quote

You can get no-obligation quote from the Knightsbridge FX. You can visit their website or call the toll free number to get a quote. Get a quote, compare it with your bank. If you find the rate competitive, confirm the transaction and get the funds transferred to your destination.

Properly Registered and Regulated

It is safe to choose an exchange that is properly registered to ensure that your money is safe. Knightsbridge is regulated by FINTRAC and AMF. You can be assured that your money is in safe hands and the transaction is conducted in an efficient manner.


It is always recommended to choose a currency exchange that has good experience. Knightsbridge FX is trading since 2009 and works with all the Canadian banks. They have over 40,000 customers, who are happy and recommend their services. They have 5 star ratings from BBB, which showcases the quality of the services.

These are the 5 reasons, why I chose Knightsbridge FX for my currency exchange. I am so impressed by their service and now I recommend it to my family and friends, who are looking for a trustworthy currency exchange.

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