Is DVD Really Superior Than VHS?

We are now in an age where owning VHS tapes can be considered a rare hobby while DVD is almost losing out too because of the availability of other storage options and the variety of formats by which films and videos can be saved and watched. To a number of people, they still treasure their VHS collections but they have to face the truth and look for VHS to DVD service if they wanted to have a copy of their favourite black and white films.

Long before it all, VHS was considered a king but then came DVDs or Digital Versatile Disc. VHS is considered to be analog technology while DVD is a jump to the digital era. Up until this day, there are still debates as to what is better between the two mediums. There are some myths though that needs to be straightened out in terms of which is better.

The first myth is that the picture quality of DVD is better than VHS. This is purely smokescreen because when looking at the vertical resolution, DVD has twice than VHS but this does not improve the picture quality. In fact, the vertical resolution has nothing to do with the picture quality. There is no factual evidence that the quality of pictures are better in DVD aside from the manufacturing stunts made by manufacturers of these discs.

Second myth is that the sound quality of DVD is better than VHS. This is again, another misconception which is more unfounded than the previous one. When it comes to sound, analog is always better than any other digital version. Analog sounds are perceived to be closer to real sound because of the alterations that occur during the recording and mastering of the sound. Digital sounds are not as desirable because it sounds, not only robotic, but also cold to the listening ears.

Last, it is not true that DVDs last longer than VHS tapes because it has been tested and proven by many collectors. Alas, despite it being true, there is no escaping that it is now time to convert VHS to DVD because the analog player might not be available anywhere in the future and it would be futile to collect films which you can never watch again no matter how durable the medium is.

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