Lifetime Tiles: Is This Fact Or Fiction?

Roof tiles are sometimes advertised by manufacturers as “lifetime” tiles. If the clay roof tiles can last for 100 years or more, it makes sense to buy used roof tiles in Sydney based on the assumption that the roof tiles can still survive the next 50 years. Clay tiles are highly resistant to strong winds and they cannot be easily damaged by a fire compared to other roofing choices.

When should the old roof tiles be replaced? If you purchased the property from a home builder, the original sales brochure will state that the concrete roof tile is guaranteed to last a lifetime. However, if the roof is more than 25 years, it must be assessed by a roof professional to determine the remaining life and start with a re-roofing plan.

At the minimum, the roof may require a tile reset with new underlay and flashings. The old tiles can be reused with 30% replaced because they were damaged during the process. However, the problem is finding the right style and colour of roof tiles to replace the broken 30%. A good option will be to search for vendors of used tiles that have retained their durability and quality.

Whether there is truth to the claims of a “lifetime” roof tile, it certainly depends on the situation. The critical components of the roof are the underlay and flashings. Most tile roofs have been installed with the minimum of standards andthe lowest grades of underlay and flashings. Generally, the useful life of a standard underlay will be 25 years; however, it can be affected by weather conditions.

Usually, homeowners depend on the manufacturer’s claims or the manufacturer’s brochure. Before making a critical decision regarding the roof, it is important to obtain an independent assessment from a professional. Assessing a roof is a skill gained from years of experience.

When properly installed, used roof tiles in Sydney can be used to replace some of the broken tiles on the roof. Usually, clay roof tiles maintain their colour over the years in spite of being subjected to different weather conditions. This means that the used clay tiles can still match with the other tiles on the roof.

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