Looking Ahead To New Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is an industry where the only thing that is constant is change. As the world moves into 2021, it is crucial for both entrepreneurs and marketers to stay on top of the latest developments in digital marketing. Phase-out the outdated and welcome the new and emerging digital marketing trends.

In 2019, about a quarter of internet users have installed an ad blocker on their web browser. It is expected that the usage of ad blockers will continue to increase this year. Forward-looking marketers must consider redirecting some of their resources to SEO campaigns instead of PPC strategies. PPC won’t be going away any time soon but fewer and fewer internet users will be seeing ads.

According to the Search Engine Watch survey, at least 27% of internet users across the world are using voice search on their mobile devices. Voice-activated SEO and regular SEO won’t offer the same results. Focus on ranking long-tailed keywords to optimize for voice-activated SEO. Marketers can also use FAQ sections and proper on-page SEO for mobile devices.

Shoppable posts on Instagram are new but they are highly effective in generating conversions. According to data from Instagram, 130 million users have tapped on shoppable ads per month. Ecommerce sites must not miss the opportunities presented by shoppable ads for a seamless shopping experience.

It is important to always look ahead for new marketing strategies that can grow a business. Checkout king kong marketing review to gain a deeper insight on how a digital marketing agency managed to be successful and profitable in the highly competitive industry.

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