Losing Weight With HCG Diet Program – Three Essential Phases In The HCG Protocol

To lose weight with HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone drops or injection, one must not only rely on HCG alone. A stringent protocol consisting of four phases must strictly be followed in order to achieve the average result of losing 1 lb per day. Before discussing the phases, HCG is a hormone naturally produced by a pregnant woman’s placenta to support a healthy pregnancy. However, recent studies reveal that this hormone is also helpful in triggering the meltdown of stubborn stored fats or pocket fats. It can reach its peak to up to one pound per day or more if the protocol specially designed for HCG diet program is followed, and it has four phases:

Phase 1

This is the most enjoyable phase of the entire protocol so far. It is called the ‘loading phase’ where the client is encouraged to eat a high-calorie diet. This is so to add more fat build up for the following phase to melt so you can last the next 23 days at least of a low-calorie diet. This is also a time where one mentally conditions oneself to the rigorous phases ahead.

Phase 2

For a complete phase 2, it has to last 23 days at the very least but one may continue until 40 days of the low-calorie diet. This is by far the most challenging stage to lose weight with HCG. Even though HCG is scientifically proven to suppress unwanted cravings and appetite, people are just tempted to eat even if it is not related to urges of hunger. Social settings or stress can be reasons people may be tempted to eat high-calorie intake. Emotional eaters are most hardly struggling at this stage. That being said, they are encouraged to avoid stress or engage in other relaxing methods to eradicate stress.

Phase 3

The stabilization phase. One needs to stop HCG drops or injection at this point, and may gradually start eating a diet with more calories than that of phase 2. Weight monitoring is still encouraged to check if the weight lost have stayed gone. If gaining of weight occurs, the diet during this phase must be thoroughly criticized.

Phase 4

This is the maintenance phase, where the new lifestyle you achieved in the protocol so far is encouraged to be maintained. Not just to keep the slimmer figure but to achieve a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.

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