Maldives – Precious Gems In The Indian Ocean

As you approach the islands of Maldives, you can’t help but wonder at the sublime beauty of the island nation. Once you reach Male, the capital city of Maldives, the tranquillity of the aerial scene transforms to the bustling activity of the airport. You will wish that you are already at the 5 star resort in Maldives where you can relax in privacy.

There is an old legend that describes how God created the island of Maldives. After God has created the world, he was so overcome with its beauty that He shed a few tears. The tears fell on the Indian Ocean and became the islands of Maldives. The islands look like jewels in the vast stretch of the ocean.

On the waters, you will see hundreds speedboats, fishing vessels, commercial ships and liveaboard yachts making their way to and fro the busy waterway. It feels crowded and chaotic but once you reach the island, you will be amazed at its jaw-dropping beauty and elegance.

From the working dock, tourists will be transported to the hotels through golf carts. After checking in at the hotel, tourists can start preparing their cameras, schedule dives and prepare the diving gear. The first dive of the day is usually at a site that is called The Aquarium. The sloping reef opens to a wide sandy channel of about 100 feet of water.

The Aquarium got its name from the large number of fishes that aggregate in the site. There are large schools of snappers, grunts and Bigeye Trevally that meander in circles on the coral cut-outs. As you descend to the bottom, it is important to try for the camera’s best angle to catch an image of the Hawksbill Turtle and the outrageously colourful aquatic life. Do not miss the best Instagrammable images that you will ever take in your life.

As you return to the 5 star resort in Maldives, you will realize that your time in the waters is too short. There are numerous dive sties that you can explore but do not forget to explore the island. Visit the local mosque when the bells ring for the traditional call to prayer.

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