“Medicures” Sweeping Sydney As Better Alternative To Pedicure

Pedicures are a thing of the past. Sydney clients are now looking into Western Sydney podiatry for “medicures”– an $80 treatment that claims to make customers feel like walking on clouds in just 30 minutes.

More than Pretty Feet

 It is a common thing for thousands of women in Australia to get pedicures at least once a month to relax and have their nails and feet professionally done. However, not all salons have the equipment or expertise to take care of callouses, cracked skin, or corns. These usually need special attention, and the same goes with infected or weakened toenails. This is where Western Sydney podiatry comes into play.

The Treatment

 Podiatrist Kate McArthur explains that medical pedicure is the best way to treat problems in the feet, and prevent further issues that are typically caused by non-sterile equipment that are sometimes used in some salons.

The Problem with Sterilisation

 For example, tools and instruments that were not properly sterilized can sometimes cause skin and nail fungal infections. This is a condition that could spread from one person to another if the same instruments are used without proper cleaning, sterilising, and management. Kate, based in Sydney herself, further explains that some people have the misconception that packaged instruments do not need to be sterilized because they are sealed. She adds that they indicator or sticker in packaging often only mean that the instruments touched heat through microwave or warm water–and these are not enough to sterilize instruments. Boiling, using disinfectants or UV light cabinets do not sterilize, and so, packaged instruments still need to undergo sterilisation before being used.

Prolonged Exposure to Nail Polish

Kate adds that when the nails are exposed to nail polish for too long– that is, without regular cleaning, removal, and/or reapplication– fungal problems can also start to develop. The nail polish covers the surface of the nail, restricting the nail’s ability to breathe and be completely washed. If left for too long, this becomes a breeding ground for fungus.

How it Works

The procedure would only take about 30 minutes. It starts with a deep clean of the nails, and checking the toes, in between them, and the heels for thickened skin, corns, or cracks. Then a foot balm is applied, or a menthol-based product to mitigate the growth of fungus.

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