Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Bathroom Renovations

Tiles make a bathroom perfect. Thus, there are factors to consider when it comes to tiles.


Here are some important tips to prepare you while avoiding some common and expensive mistakes.


Tile costs


You should take note that the bathroom’s floor area is usually smaller in comparison to the wall area. When in a tight budget, you should be spending on floors more. Then, you can choose a cost effective tile for your walls.


Planning and styling


When you are choosing the tiles to use in the bathroom, you need to make sure that other elements like fittings and fixtures work great together. You should consider the countertops and its color, the painted surfaces and the bathroom fixtures. It is helpful to choose a stand out feature in your design. This can be a great floor tile, a tiled feature wall or a stand out Single Basin Vanity Unit. You should make sure that elements are not in competition for that spotlight.




When in a well lighted showroom, tile colors may look different. It is best to take tile samples and check how they will be in your bathroom space. It might look darker or lighter.


Choosing the tile installer


When tiles are poorly installed, even the most expensive ones can look boring and plain. Just like other professions, the workmanship quality as well as professionalism is different among installers. You should consider getting several quotes and seeing their past work from pictures.


Ordering the tiles


If you have already decided on a selection, ask your installer to give an estimate of the quantities that are needed. They usually add 10% extra for breakage and cuts. Once you have this established, you should order the tiles right away. The stocks regularly change. In addition, there is also no assurance that the quantities you need are available right away.




The grout color is a big decision. It should not be decided by your tile installer. The grout makes or breaks your bathroom design.




Unglazed tiles and natural stone need sealing. Sealing the tiles helps with the process of cleaning since the film protects the surface from stains in wet areas.


Cleaning and maintenance


You should be informed about a suitability of a cleaning product before using it. Products that contain acid should not be used for cleaning concrete tiles. Bleach should not be used for cleaning natural stone. Any unsuitable product can damage the tiles permanently.

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