Mixing OEM And Aftermarket Parts To Build A Custom Motorcycle

The word “customized” is something we hear and read every day from manufacturer’s who want consumers to believe that they are buying unique. If you find something that is truly customized and specialized to satisfy one’s unique taste and requirements, it can cost an arm and a leg. There are lots of standard motorcycles in the market but if you want something that is customized, better do it yourself.

There is nothing wrong about customizing a factory-built bike as long as you have the skills and a reasonable amount of money to spare. Manufacturers of motorcycles tend to build the two-wheeled vehicles in the same way and if you see some changes and improvement, the parts usually came from the aftermarket.

One example of a customized motorcycle is the Bimota. The Italian manufacturer built high quality motorcycles from existing engines. The company’s entire existence was dependent on combining the best OEM parts with aftermarket parts into bikes that everyone wants. However, the problem is the cost because the customized motorcycles cost a fortune.

If you want to build a custom bike, better start from scratch because you will not be replacing functioning items. It is difficult to justify changing an OEM part that has no defects. It is possible to create a unique type of motorcycle by buying parts from the aftermarket and avoiding the design mistakes made by the original equipment manufacturers.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money on aftermarket parts as long as you do some research on retailers who sell the parts cheaply. There are aftermarket retailers that offer parts cheaper than others because they are more commonly available. There is a lot of difference riding a bike that you built yourself knowing that every part has been handpicked for durability and quality. You are 100% that your bike was not a product of an assembly line.

There are lots of motorcycle accessories that can be purchased from the aftermarket. Choose each part and accessory carefully to make sure that it meets your approval. When you ride your custom motorcycle, you will not wonder which of its parts will fail.


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