Must-Have Motorcycle Gear To Purchase Before Riding

The risk of crashing while riding a motorcycle is always there. Based on the statistics from NHTSA, riding a motorcycle exposes the rider to crashing 33 times more than those driving four-wheeled vehicles. This is why experts in the industry advice riders to visit motorcycle clothing store in order to have the right gear before riding.

Depending on where you are, there are different helmet laws to follow but there are also places where helmet laws are not available. If you live in the latter, it does not mean that you should forgo buying a helmet. There are many advantages to buying a helmet. If you want to keep your face while riding, you should get a full-face helmet because it will not only protect your head but your whole face as well. If you have been riding motorcycle for quite some time, you know that one nuisance while on the road is the number of bugs hitting your face if you are not wearing a full-face type.

If you want to receive calls while riding, getting a helmet with Bluetooth capability will make your life easier. This is also helpful when you need driving directions because you can easily listen while riding without putting yourself at risk. A riding helmet will ensure that you do not have a concussion or brain damage during a crash. There are many places where riding without one is illegal and might require you to pay a large fine or worse have your driving license suspended.

The next thing you should buy is riding gloves as protection for your hands. Riding gloves helps you avoid breaking your bones, losing fingers or suffering from lose skin after a crash. This is important because during a crash your first instinct would be to protect yourself from hitting anything by extending your hands. While it might not protect you from the worst case scenarios, it can surely add a layer of protection.

While shopping around at a motorcycle clothing store, you should purchase a riding jacket. Your regular jacket at home is not recommended for riding and might not protect you from external elements such as wind and cold.

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