OnTrac Partners With BoxBot

OnTrac, a parcel logistics firm, has partnered up with a final mile carrier start-up called Box Bot, which will put to the test how autonomous vehicles can be applied on the road and the efficiency of mobile parcel lockers to deliver across that last mile.


Former Uber and Tesla engineers have been the founders of BoxBot, and with this they have included in their parcel fleet two specific types of vehicles: parcel delivery vans that have external lockers, and electric, self-driving vehicles that can be entrusted with more complex deliveries like the kids that require signing with signatures. These vans and vehicles can accept and deliver more packages by stopping through the Box Bot’s automated local hubs at different points of the day.


Recipients and customers who choose to use the service will have to schedule their most convenient delivery times, even in the evenings. Once the autonomous vehicle reaches the customer’s residence, they would receive an alert through a text message that contains a specific code that they will have to use in order to open the parcel lockers and retrieve the packages.


The president of OnTrac, Rob Humphrey, has commented that OnTrac is concerned with the sustainability of local communities as well as the welfare of the planet, understanding that the future of business logistics relies on them. He has said that the partnership with BoxBot provides their company with a reliable and efficient associate with whom they share the goal of prioritizing conservation of resources as well as giving customers a great service experience with every package they receive.


OnTrac and BoxBot will work together to test the use of the model vehicle’s technology, find ways to improve the automated delivery system and customer experience, and integrate them in the rigid delivery infrastructure of OnTrac.


BoxBot will act as OnTrac’s regional service provider in certain Northern Californian ZIP codes, handling last-mile deliveries and operating as its final mile carrier through a series of delivery vans and designated drivers. BoxBot’s autonomous parcel delivery vehicles are in compliance with California’s regulations, allowing them to operate under supervision, similar to testing with a safety driver.

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