Points To Consider When Getting International Health Insurance

It’s always a good idea to get health insurance in Thailand, or wherever it is you’re going; while the odds of you experiencing something bad is pretty low, you certainly don’t want to be caught with your pants down.

But how do you decide which health insurance policy to get? There’s a lot to choose from, so how to get the one that’s best for you?

Here’s some things to consider.

The company’s reputation

Arguably one of the biggest considerations for choosing a provider. A company’s reputation; how the industry views them, and how customers review them, tells you a lot about how reliable they are. The smartest option is to go for a big provider with a proven track record of coverage, as just a couple of personal reviews aren’t exactly the best measure for this.

Customer service

You need your questions answered in the most straightforward and informative manner possible; no dodging the question, no derailing the discussion. The company needs to be available as much as possible, preferably 24/7, and the staff needs to be multilingual, professional and understanding of customer needs. You want a company that takes action as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your habits

Surprise, it’s something about you. Everyone has vices, and life is a bit more pleasurable with them, but tell the insurance people that you like to smoke or drink, and suddenly, you’ll find your premiums going up. When it comes to insurance, every risk is considered, and this includes your personal habits; as such giving up bad habits is a good idea before getting quotes.

Where the coverage counts

You need health insurance in Thailand if you’re going to Thailand, but if you’re the type to want to insured wherever you go, international insurance is the way to go. As such, you need to consider where the insurance is effective; you want a company that handles your claims effortlessly and efficiently, regardless of where you are in the world.

Home country coverage

Another thing that people don’t want to experience, but some, unfortunately, still do, is getting shipped back home; either out of necessity, because work, or something like a VISA expiring. Hence, it’s always worth checking if a policy has home country coverage. You’ll also want to be ready should the worst of the worst comes to pass, and you need your body flown back home, airfare coverage handles that.

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