Ready For Goodbye: Funeral Planning Tips

Death, especially that of a loved one, is a topic most would stay away from, a fact funeral directors are well aware of. Ask any of the funeral directors in Perth, and most of them will say that people shirk away from discussing burying a loved, since its complicated, emotional, and, lastly, expensive.

But what makes funerals such an avoided topic is precisely why planning ahead is important. When you’re making sure your loved ones’ get the best even in death, deciding during the aftermath of their passing can undermine you. As such, it’s best to plan ahead.

Here are some tips.

  • Call a friend.Where’s a good quote about friends when you need them? Levity aside, bringing someone along to deliver a new, more objective perspective will help make sure you don’t overspend on your loved ones’ funerals. You’re probably grieving if the transaction is after the death. If before, your attachment can still make you prone to being influenced. A friend who isn’t so close to the to-be-interred can help provide a good, helpful dose of caring pragmatism.
  • Go shopping. No, really. Funeral prices vary wildly based on where the funeral is set to be held, even within a small area. Look around and find the best services for the best prices around. It might seem weird, but remember how you shop for the best things for your loved ones? Yeah, this is basically like that.
  • Make it personal.And not in the sense that you’re letting your emotions run roughshod over your rationale, no. By personal, we mean that you when you get offered a funeral package, go over the complete list of every little expense that’s part of that package. Trim what you, or your loved one, don’t like, and spend money only on the services that you really want.
  • Plan ahead, but don’t fork over the cash just yet. Pre-planning funerals to help deal with the shock of someone dying is all well and good, funeral directors in Perth and across the world recommend it. Paying in advance, however, not so much. The worst case scenario is that the funeral service provider goes bankrupt or goes out of business after you’ve handed over the money. Not good. Instead, set up a bank account to be ‘payable on death’, which means that the money is stored safely until, well, death.

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