Reviews As A Powerful Marketing Tool For Businesses

Most consumers rely on customer testimonials like king kong agency review to make a confident decision. In order to encourage customers to leave positive feedback, a business must deliver a user experience that exceeds expectations. A prompt response to a positive or negative review is encouraged by Google to increase visibility on search engines.

According to Search Engine Land, 70% of customers are willing to share positive feedback on a local business when asked. While the task of posting reviews is not time-consuming or complicated, businesses will gain more reviews through an automated email chain that can send 3 emails over a one-week period. Most customers will usually leave a review before the third email.

There are highly trusted platforms like Yelp and Facebook with significant traffic from consumers who want social proof of business. By having a profile on significant platforms, customers will have a place to leave their feedback so that potential customers can easily find the business.

When customers know that the business pays attention to their opinions, they are encouraged to leave more detailed and high-quality reviews. Paying attention means that businesses must respond promptly to both positive and negative reviews. Businesses that respond to negative reviews actually improve their online presence.

Generating social proof through king kong agency review is a powerful tool used by a digital agency. It takes a proactive role in the customer engagement process to strengthen the brand’s online presence and drive more sales. They take reviews seriously by going above and beyond their customer’s expectations.

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