Routine Eye Test Can Detect Early Signs Of Eye Cancer

Symptoms of eye cancer are not usually obvious but the disease can be determined during a routine eye test through the optometrist in Jannali who can recognize the warning signs. People tend to ignore flashes of light, spots or floating objects that distract the vision. Early detection and diagnosis allows for more treatment options.

The warning signs that people have to watch out for include minor eye conditions like shadows and flashes of light, blurred vision, partial or total loss of vision, bulging in one eye, lump on the eyelid, pain in or around the eyes or dark patch that is getting bigger and must be checked by an optometrist as soon as possible.

In the United Kingdom, there are at least 50 to 600 cases of eye cancer every year. Causes of eye cancer are not yet fully understood although there are several reasons why cancer can develop in the eyes. According to Bupa, an international health care group that is based on the United Kingdom, having eyes with par colour like blue, grey or green is more likely to have cancer of the eyes.

It is also believed that older people are more likely to get cancer including those with white or fair skin, with unusual brown spots in the eyes and unusually shaped or large moles. Some say that exposure to sunlight increases the chances of getting cancer particularly when you go out during summer without eye protection. Even children are not spared by eye cancer called retinoblastoma. Four out of ten children suffer from retinoblastoma due to faulty genes.

A common type of eye cancer is eye melanoma that affects the eyeballs. The outlook for melanoma on the eyes will depend on how serious the cancer has become when it was diagnosed and what part of the eyes was affected.

Do not be afraid to have your eyes examined by the optometrist in Jannali because early detection of an eye problem will increase the chances of a successful treatment. A highly experienced optometrist will take you through the eye examination process. If an issue is discovered, the best solution that will suit your needs will be provided.

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