Sail Your Dream Destination In Phuket

Undeniably, the Southeast Asian region is a precious pearl when to it comes to the multitude of tourist attractions and even naturally picturesque sceneries. For instance, lying above the deep waters of the Pacific, you could ride a private boat in Phuket to witness the spectacle of its glorious chains of islands, or even walk the streets of Cambodia to be mesmerized with its ancient temples, or even pose beside the iconic Merlion of Singapore for a wonderful picture.

Speaking of tourist attractions and getaway destinations, the humble yet magnanimous place of Phuket surely has a lot to offer. And some of them are featured in the next few paragraphs.

1PhangNga Bay

Located on the northeastern section of Phuket, the gigantic limestone cliffs which seem to protrude from the crystal green waters of PhangNga Bay would surely catch your eye. It houses thousands of species of flora and fauna, making it a hotspot for biodiversity in all of Phuket. Among the famous sites on the bay are the James Bond Island and KohPanyee among others.

2 Phi Phi Island

With its fine white powdery sands and a gradient of seawater ranging from light green to deep blue, the Phi Phi Island of Phuket is a destination that you cannot afford to miss. Aside from the the beautiful tinges of orange and yellow that embellish the sea on sunsets, several towering trees could also be found within the vicinity of the island and thus exuding a fresh and relaxing ambience.

3 Similan Islands

Known to be one of the best diving sites in the world, the Similan islands, just like many other islands in Thailand, is surrounded by pristine waters and fine sands. Moreover, the island is also known for its astounding rock formations and the famous Sailing Boat Rock which are both found on the archipelago.

4 The Andaman Sea

Who would be able to resist island hopping? Imagine travelling across the sea with the best people and the most delicious food on board. Hence, if you are fond of island hopping, the outstanding islands and islets gracing the Andaman see will undoubtedly be a must-see destination.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Start exploring Phuket now in all of its glory. Furthermore, if you want to rent a private boat in Phuket for you and for your family, you may reach the Isabela Yachts Phuket and sail your dream destination in this dumbfounding sea.

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