Saving On Food When Traveling

When you are traveling, you could spend a lot of your money on food alone. Travelers splurge on expensive meals without knowing that spending on food is where they could save the most – given the proper tips. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t spend beyond the budget for a memorable meal once in a while. If you want to save and spend it on other important things such as buying souvenirs or getting a ticket to an expensive tourist attraction, here are some tips especially for you.

Bring your own water bottle.

When travelling, especially in a tropical country, having your own water bottle is important. It will not only keep you hydrated during your explorations but will also keep you from spending a few bucks every now and then just to quench your thirst. There are some places where you have access to safe drinking water and there are some that don’t. This is one thing you have to check before leaving your water bottle behind. Though there are vending machines everywhere, the prices of drinks available are double or triple the regular price.

Check out the local grocery stores.

It is important that you know where the local grocery stores are before heading out. Buy snacks you can bring with you. Buying in local grocery stores rather than inside a tourist attraction can save you a lot of money. Food and products inside an attraction are marked up. Grocery stores now offer a lot of food choices even meals on the go. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and you don’t have to dine out every time.

Having a kitchen in the place where you are staying is great because you can prepare your own meals. If a kitchen is not available, make something simple and easy to carry around in your bag such as a sandwich or fresh fruits.

Have a full breakfast and lunch.

It is important to have a big breakfast before heading out in the morning. This way you can start the day with high energy and a full stomach. You can also minimize your spending on snacks if you have a big breakfast followed by a healthy, full lunch.

Hunt for deals.

When booking a hotel or an accommodation, it is better to opt for a package with free breakfast or a free meal. There are a lot of hotels that offers free meals, not just expensive ones. Free breakfast is better since you are sure to have them before going out on a whole day of sightseeing.

Avoid places for tourists

Restaurants and fast food chains that are near tourist attractions are the most expensive ones. Go somewhere local – you will get the local experience you wanted and a cheaper meal.

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