Signs That You Wash Your Hair Too Much

The hair on your head can take a lot of punishment. It gets dyed, bleached, curled, styled, and gets all sorts of products on it, from shampoo, to hair extentions in Bondi, and, yet, it still stays on your scalp. Washing it keeps it in good shape, but overdo it, as too much washing is a bad thing; as the old saying goes, “Too much of a good thing is bad”.

Sometimes, it might be difficult to tell if you’re overdoing washing your hair, so here’s a list to help you tell.

Brushing isn’t smooth

When hair is over-washed, the cuticles open, which makes your hair dry and brittle, meaning that its more likely to tangle, making it hard to actually brush it. That’s on top of all of the damage that being dry and brittle does to your hair; lacklustre appearance, splits ends, and the like.

The colour doesn’t stick

If you’re the type of person who likes to colour your hair, then you obviously want your dye to stick as long as it possibly can. So, what happens when you wash your hair too much? The hair dye doesn’t stick as good as it should, meaning that your hair loses all that colour much sooner. Cosmetics like hair extentions in Bondi don’t work as well as they should if you wash too much.

Flaky scalp

This one should be obvious, and somewhat paradoxical. Damage to the hair and scalp makes for lots of dandruff and flaking, and washing too much does damage. So being overzealous in washing in order to stop all that dandruff, you might end up just causing more dandruff.

Greasy texture

Washing all that hair too much strips away all the natural oil that’s in your scalp. Of course, it’s part of your body, so your own self will take notice of this, and attempt to compensate, producing more oil at the scalp than normal, which leads to oily and greasy hair.

Frizzy hair

The good oils and moisture on your hair is what stops it from getting all frizzy when it’s not supposed to. So if you’re hair frizzier than it should be, and the weather isn’t what’s the cause, then check how often you wash your hair; it might be your fault.

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