Simple Tricks To Keep Pests Away From The Home

The most common step that a homeowner will undertake is to call nationwide exterminators to handle pest infestation. Others attempt to solve the pest problem on their own and end up treating pests that are visible without solving the root cause of the problem. Beneath the walls and inside the crevices are the nests of pests which cannot be easily reached by home solutions.

Preventive measures can be undertaken so that pests won’t take over the home. Small unsealed gaps that are used for electric lines and pipes can be the entry point of pests like rodents, ants and cockroaches. Close these gaps using caulk or expanding foam insulation to deny entry to any kind of pest.

It is common for firewood to be stored outside the home. It is important to store firewood at least 20 feet away from the home to prevent termites. Termites feed on wood and your home can be an attractive food for the termites.

During summer, families prefer to stay outdoors but the problem is mosquitoes that are carriers of dangerous diseases. To keep mosquitoes away, throw some fresh rosemary or sage on the coals you use for grilling hamburgers or in the fire pit.

Screens are placed on windows and doors to act as barriers to unwanted pests. However, complete protection can only be provided if the screen is in good shape. Repairing window and door screens is easy and can be done on your own.

Pests have an instinct to forage and explore which means that they will be in your home soon if you provide them with sources of food and water. Make sure that all food containers have tight-fitting covers. Leftover foods must be disposed of properly.

Ants can easily find their way to food. Wash their trail and use a solution of ¼ cup white vinegar, 2 cups water and 10 drops of eucalyptus oil to drive the ants away.

However, if it is a pest infestation, your best option is the nationwide exterminators that you can easily reach by phone. They have the right solutions for different types of pests that will invade the home. Eco friendly methods are used for safe pest control and management.

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