Simple Ways To Keep Your Ribbons Organized

A single ribbon strand may be simple to look at but when you often use ribbons for your crafts, gifts and for other things, you may find it hard to untangle them when they buildup. It can be hard and frustrating when ribbons are scattered and spilled all over the floor. What’s even harder is when they get entangled with each other. The simplest way to avoid these frustrations is by keeping your ribbons organized at all times. But even this can be hard unless you are COD.
Below are some easy ways on how you can organize your ribbons.

Straw jars can be an effective instrument in keeping ribbons organized. What you should do first is to purchase a straw jar. You may identify these jars as a long cylindrical jar with a rod sticking out from the center of the cap of the jar all the way inside. Open the rod and insert ribbons there one at a time. Make sure the rolls of the ribbons fit the jar.

A simple drawer can be used to hold ribbons and keep them organized. To do this, you must also use a rod, but this time; make sure that it will fit the drawer. Place a number of rods inside, enough to be able to pull them up again. When you are sure that the rods fit, it’s time to insert the ribbons inside the rods. Afterwards, you place the rods in the drawer.

Bowls may be used to not only keep ribbons organized; you can also display your ribbons with them. Just make sure that the bowl is transparent and that you have rolled your ribbons into a cardboard so that they don’t get entangled.

Another way of displaying your beautiful ribbons, purchase mason jars and fill them up with your ribbons. Remember to place the ribbons inside effectively so that they don’t get tangled up.

You may already be familiar with this. What you would do is to get a decent looking basket and then place your ribbons there, provided they are all rolled up into rounds and would not get tangled up.

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