Six Early Signs That Signal Roof Repair Or Replacement

Roof is an important part of a home that gets the least attention from homeowners. Proper maintenance of the roofing of a home is essential to increase its durability. It is advisable to thoroughly inspect the roof twice every year. This will help you to notice any damages and undertake immediate repairs and avert expensive roof replacements.

Here are seven glaring signs that your roof needs immediate attention and it is time to call roof tilers in Sydney for inspection and repairs. Do not ignore these signs as they may lead to major repairs and replacements at later stage.

  1. The age of the roof. If your roof is nearing its twentieth year, it is time to get it inspected. The material used for your old roof determines its durability. Get a thorough inspection of your roof by experienced roof tilers in Sydney, once it crosses the twenty years mark.
  2. Another easy to notice sign is the buckling and curling of shingles. Check the parts of the roof that get the most sunlight and if you notice any missing shingles or granules, it is time to consult roof tilers in Sydney for a new roof.
  3. Noticing shingle granules in the gutters and chimney flashing are sure shot signs that your roof is wearing out and needs immediate repairs and replacements.
  4. Roof leaks because of storms and wet weather conditions. Whatever may be the material of your roof, moisture seeps in through the seals. The moment you notice any leaks or water stains on your ceiling, it is time to consult an experienced roofing company to carry out a detailed inspection of the roof and undertake any repairs required.
  5. Check for the signs of moss and mould growth on your roof. This is very dangerous as the moss growth creates gaps in the roofs which allow moisture to seep in. It is very difficult to check the growth of moss at the early stages. Engage the services of a professional roof maintenance company for regular roof inspections and maintenance.
  6. Light coming in through the roof is yet another important sign of roof damage. Get the roof inspected by reputed roof tilers and get the repairs or replacement done immediately.

These six signs are sure shot signs that your home needs a roof repair or replacements. Contact the roof tilers in Sydney for a free inspection and quotation.

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