Solving Cockroach Infestation The Natural Way

It is very rare to meet an individual that appreciates cockroaches. Most homeowners will immediately call pest control services in Sydney at the first sign of cockroach infestation. Getting rid of cockroaches is best left to experts because DIY techniques may not be successful. Besides that, the insecticide that supposedly kills cockroaches may not be child-friendly.

The best way to avoid a cockroach infestation is to make sure that the home is clean and clutter-free. If there is no food source, there will be no cockroaches. Make sure that all leftover food including grease is disposed of properly. Food containers must be tightly sealed to prevent pests from feeding on them. Make sure that dirty dishes are not left overnight. Countertops must be wiped thoroughly and floors swept before you go to bed. It is also important to train the children to do some cleanup in their rooms particularly if they eat snacks before bedtime.

It is common to find cockroaches under the sinks, inside cupboards and cabinets. How did they manage to enter? It is easy if there are cracks and holes. Seal all entry points even the smallest ones because cockroaches are flexible and they can make bodies flat to enter a tiny crack. It may take a lot of efforts to inspect for entry points all over the house, but it is definitely worth it when the home is cockroach-free.

Since killing cockroaches with insecticides is hazardous because of the toxic chemicals, a better option is to use a mixture of soap and water. Spray the solution on countertops, sinks and other areas where you usually see cockroaches. Soap can suffocate cockroaches because they breathe through their skin. If you have a big infestation, call a pest control company to handle pest extermination.

During spring and summer, you will notice an increase in cockroach activity because they like warm and humid temperatures. When it is warm, the cockroaches can spread their wings and fly. Since there are literally thousands of cockroach species all over the world, it is a wise decision to seek the assistance of professional pest control services in Sydney because they can identify the specie and design an appropriate treatment solution.

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