Some Must-Do Activities In Rayong

Rayong is a small fishing village located in Eastern part of Thailand. The sleepy village is slowly gaining popularity as the preferred tourist destination for locals and tourists as it has a wide range of entertainment options. The serene and secluded beaches of the village are a major draw for the tourists. Unlike the beaches in other popular destinations, the beaches in Rayong are not crowded with tourists. Visitors can enjoy relaxing in the beaches or explore the untouched islands around the village.

Due to its popularity as a holiday destination, there are many options for accommodation in Rayong, tourists can stay at the beachfront resorts that offer amazing views of the ocean or stay in luxurious hotel rooms in Rayong that offer world class amenities.

Some of the interesting activities in Rayong are

Rayong is famous for its seafood. Visitors can sample the local varieties of seafood at the restaurants of posh hotels or at the local food markets. The village is also popular for fruit farms. You can taste fresh tropical fruits and shop for dried fruits from these farms. Tourists can also visit the fishing villages near Rayong to gorge on the local delicacies of seafood. They can stay at luxurious hotel rooms in Rayong and visit the well-known street food joints or fishing villages to sample the local cuisine.

Enjoy the Sun, Sea and the Sand. Rayong is famous for its untouched beaches that offer stunning views of the sunrise and sunset. Snorkelling is another must-do activity in Rayong. Tourists can see the indigenous marine life in its natural habitat while snorkelling at the uninhibited islands along the coast. You can also hire a speedboat and explore the islands and deserted beaches.

Tourists can enjoy nightlife at the famous Yomjinda walking street. This is the best place to marvel the ancient architecture. The place transforms into a pulsating night market after sunset. The walking street with a number of tiny stalls selling a range of products like accessories, local handicrafts and clothes. Tourists can also enjoy song and dance performances and puppet shows. Visitors to the city can stay at beautiful hotel rooms in Rayong and explore the city during the day, and chill-out at the Yomjinda walking street at night.

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