Start The Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition This Year

There are plenty of traditions we do during the Christmas and holiday seasons. The ugly Christmas sweater parties have also been picking up during the recent years.

Many office holiday parties involve dressing up in ugly sweaters.

For most households, this kind of party is something unique and fun. It may also be the first time your family tries an ugly Christmas Sweater party. Your family and friends can gather together to eat, drink and enjoy games while wearing holiday sweaters with elf ears, reindeers, Christmas trees, and other designs possible. These sweaters make for a good laugh.

If you intend to start the ugly sweater tradition this coming holiday season, here’s a few things worth knowing.

Where to buy the ugly Christmas sweaters

These ugly sweaters are becoming a trend that finding them is no longer a challenge. Most retail stores like Nordstrom, H&M, Macy’s, etc. sell these starting at $15. For high quality fabrics, a sweater can cost up to $70.

Online stores such as the also sell these sweaters. If you buy now while it is still a few months before the holiday season, some pieces on sale start at $15.

If you want to buy really cheap ugly sweaters, you can also go to thrift shops or check out garage sales.

Another option is to make use of an old sweater and accessorize excessively, the uglier the better. You can add bells, bows, ribbons and cut outs of reindeers, snowflakes, Santa or elves.

How to store the ugly Christmas sweaters

After the holidays if you don’t intend to wear these ugly sweaters, you are bound to store them for the next season.

You should make sure to give them special care especially when your sweaters are made from cashmere, wool or any natural fiber. It is best to avoid hanging them. It is better to have them folded or have them rolled on shelves or in drawers.

Before storing these sweaters, it is best to have it hand/machine washed or dry cleaned to avoid bugs from getting attracted to them. You may also consider using scents from lavender or cedar to deter insects.

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