Thailand’s Tourist Hots pots Being Closed

Thailand is known for being a very popular tourist destination, attracting people from across the globe with its sandy white beaches, and bright nightlife. From Similan Island diving to bar hopping in Bangkok, there’s a lot of things to do Regardless of which attracts you more, there’s no denying that a lot of people travel to Thailand. And it seems like the government thinks that they’re attracting too many people.

Thailand’s Department of Natural Parks that the Similan Islands will be closed for five months, starting at the 16th of May, which is a damn shame for anyone looking to do some Similan Island diving around that time. That being said, Thailand’s monsoon season starts around that time, so it’s understandable. The islands being closed off isn’t unusual, at least, they shouldn’t be, as they close annually in preparation for the monsoon season.

What makes this instance stand out is in how long the island’s closed. Similan will be off limits to tourists, with officials patrolling the seas and the sand for five whole months; almost half a whole year. Not only that, but it comes hot at the heels of similar news from Asia and across the world. The Philippines recently closed off its popular island destination, Boracay, and, locally, Maya Bay (Yes, the Maya Bay from Leo DiCaprio’s The Beach), got closed off.

Internationally, places like Stonehenge and The Lascaux Caves have been closed off thanks to tourists bringing in a noticeable impact to the surroundings of the tourist spots. Other locations, like Italy’s Cinque Terre, are putting up restrictions on what can be done, where one can go and when.

This is, of course, following the trend of environmental awareness that’s been en vogue in recent years. This awareness has led to the rise of solar power, recycling, and other similar endeavors to preserve the environment.  Granted, a few countries did back out of the Paris Climate Accords, but that’s another topic.

The takeaway being that people are now becoming more and more aware of how they live and how they make their mark on their surroundings. A few years ago, closing off a destination like Similan Island for even a short amount of time would be considered outrageous, but now? Now, people understand. Now, people get the message; that anywhere we go, we touch the environment, for good or ill.

Some people are saying that certain destinations are beyond saving. We don’t think this should be said, but we certainly hope that isn’t the case.

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