The Demand for Electronic Security Products in the US Increase

According to a report released by the Freedonia Group, the demand for electronic security products in the United States is expected to rise by about 7 percent annually until 2019 and the revenue is projected to rise to at least $16 billion. In the report, the research institution said that strengthening of new construction expenditures after the recession has truly impacted the period after the financial crisis and is expected to drive the gains in the industry. In addition to this news, a heightened risk for crime because of widespread media coverage will likewise support the gains of the industry even if the number of crimes recently has declined. Technological advancement will also promote the gains in different segments by providing boost to value demand through the incorporation of features and also by increasing market penetration.

The demand for surveillance and video products which are designed for use in security – related systems will advance its growth annually by about 8.2 percent. This is deemed to be the fastest growth out of the five primary security product categories. Last year, there were about 35 million total video surveillance cameras which were installed and used in the United States. The research firm likewise said that the number is bound to increase in the foreseeable future as the penetration in the market also increases and as there are more locations that are in need of surveillance systems.

The access control systems will also be able to see very strong gains as the popularity of smart card-based systems have tremendously grown over the year. Magnetic stripe cards and proximity cards are now used less and less. The access control systems which integrate advanced layers of credentials like those in biometrics and mobile phones will also further support the gains in the industry. Rising familiarity with biometric systems which are driven by the use of new biometric technologies in identifying applications will also promote the demand for the small but rapidly increasing biometric access control sector. In today’s technologically advanced world, reliability, flexibility and efficiency of the biometric systems along with decreasing prices will also aid in the improvement of the industry. These can be provided by iHome Alarm Systems.

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