The Five Types Of Pest Control Methods

With regard to pest control, it should be approached in different directions for it to be effective. There are various pest control methods to use, and every one of these has its specific pros and cons. To create the best plan for pest control, it is crucial to think of all the options available.

Pest Control Methods

Here are the 5 types of pest control methods that you can use.


Regardless, prevention must always be included in the pest control plan. There is really no arguing that it is the best way to not deal with this problem from occurring in the first place. There are 3 steps to apply prevention. This includes sealing every possible entryway for pests, cutting off all food sources which attract or sustain them and ensuring that a home is not a breeding ground for these pests.


This involves making use of baits to get insects inside traps. Baits can be common kitchen tools, pesticides, or organic substances such as diatomaceous earth. Several baits include making pests feed on poison, which they bring to their colonies that results in the whole population getting poisoned.

Beneficial insects

This is great for use outdoors. We know that specific pests love to prey on garden plants and outdoor foliage. There are insects that also prey on pests. These beneficial insects can be ordered in catalogues and put in yards to naturally go against pests.

Chemical pest control

Insecticides are usual forms of pest control. Pest control companies and also home owners normally use them. Insecticides are bought from hardware stores; home improvement stores or chain retailers. Make sure to use them specific to their manufacturer’s instructions.


This is best for rats and mice. For traps, you catch the pests and hold them, until you can dispose them. Aside from mouse traps, larger traps can be used for largest pests too.


Finally, for those not comfortable with doing these methods themselves, there are companies offering Pest Control in Brisbane or in local areas which specialize in handling this problem. Sometimes, it is best to leave it to professionals.

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