The Importance Of Advanced Preparation And Planning For An Extended Stay

Making sure that your extended stay at a certain location is worth the time can be quite daunting. First of all, you have to choose a hotel or long stay residence that will not cost you an arm and a leg. It is also important for the accommodation to include all the necessary services and amenities that you will require during the extended stay.

The key to a convenient extended hotel stay is to plan ahead. Technology is just within your fingertips. Search the web for long stay accommodations based on your requirements. Remember that you will be staying for an extended time and you should gain the best value for the money you will pay. Read reviews and comments from previous guests to gain an idea on their actual personal experiences.

You certainly won’t know the type of service that a hotel provides unless you have personally experienced what they offer. Many guests have reported that their experience in some extended stay hotels was different from previous years. One of the frequent complaints is the lack of towels. There are instances when the guest finds a card that requests that towels must be hang if they willing to re-use. Is the hotel trying to reduce on standard laundering?

If the staff knows that the guest has booked a room for an extended stay, they only make the bed but do not change the sheets daily. It is important to let the staff know that clean sheets are your preference so that your wishes will be accommodated.

You can book directly through the hotel website or you can use third-party sites. Be mindful of the rates when making the reservations because a very low rate might just be a ploy to attract the attention of potential guests. Make sure that there are no hidden costs such as mandatory fees, strict cancellation policies or a huge cash deposit.

Sometimes, business will require you to stay in Thailand for more than a few nights. Your best option is long stay residence in Bangkok that offers an uncompromising level of personal touch and attention to detail. You can choose from several special packages that include discounts on room rates as well as food and drinks.

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