The Power Of Reviews In Influencing Consumer Decisions

At least 68% of consumers go to the social media page of a business to read reviews. It does not matter whether the business sells products or offers a service; consumers want to read what real people think about the product or service. An example of reviews is King Kong online agency reviews that provide genuine information about the digital marketing agency.

It is essential for businesses today to have an active presence on social media because at least 77% of people read reviews before they make a purchasing decision. A business that has reviews becomes authentic in the eyes of consumers. Consumers always want the assurance that they are purchasing from a legitimate company.

If a business does not have any reviews, it is very likely for a potential customer to question whether the business is genuine. They are more likely to move to the competitor’s site that has social media presence and online reviews.

Most consumers believe in reviews regardless of whether or not they know the customer who left a feedback. Consumers also consider star ratings that can communicate a message instantly. Star ratings usually appear beside the company’s name in business listings. By making the star ratings available to consumers, the business proves its authenticity and trustworthiness.

Clients who do not know a digital agency will likely search for King Kong online agency reviews before making a commitment. Potential clients want more information about the digital agency besides what appears in the homepage. They consider reviews as personal recommendations from clients who have experienced the services offered by the digital marketing agency.

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