The Secrets About Invisalign Treatment

Since it was introduced to the market, Invisalign treatment has gathered popularity among many patients because of its unique characteristics. For one, it does not treat crooked teeth with metal wires and brackets but with clear, invisible trays. And because of its overwhelming promotion, more and more patients are encouraged to get the treatment. However, before you go to the orthodontic clinic, you have to know some things that they do not tell you.


  • Contrary to what you might have read online, Invisalign trays should not be removed any time you want. While it is true that you can take them off when eating meals and cleaning your teeth, you need to wear them at least 22 hours every single day. And this is something that your orthodontist should warn you. A lot of patients assume that they have the freedom to remove these plastic trays during social events and parties. Their teeth would shift so they only ended up getting another set of trays because the top tray got broken. This is why before setting up an appointment, you have to investigate thoroughly on which type of braces works best. You should also choose the right dental website when reading articles online, such as, an authentic page that provides only the right information.
  • Invisalign trays are not completely invisible. Perhaps you have been told that Invisalign trays are perfect for people who do not want to show their braces because of its “invisible” characteristic. Compared to the traditional and other types of braces, they are practically less visible, but do not expect that people will not notice.
  • They are also not painless. After your orthodontist successfully puts on your Invisalign trays, you have to prepare yourself for the pain. Although it will only be temporary, painkillers may not work in some cases. These trays are also thick and you may find it difficult to speak in the first few days. Before choosing an orthodontic clinic, you should visit a reliable website,, so you can be informed about Invisaligns. It is better to read and learn before you regret in the end.

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