The Short Cropped Top Is Definitely Here To Stay

Many celebrities are rocking the short cropped top recently from Kim Kardashian to Kristen Stewart. The cropped top shows their toned physique that they worked hard to achieve. However, not everyone is daring enough to display some skin that is why they cover up the cropped top with a denim jacket or overcoat.

Many think that wearing a short cropped top is inappropriate or even scandalous while other believe that is flattering no matter the body type. Women have always desired to show off their sexy side whether it is bare leg or cleavage. Wearing cropped top shows of a bit of skin depending on how brazen or modest the woman feels.

Wearing a cropped top is a form of expression. There are plus-sized or reed-thin girls who can pull off the cropped top to show the world that they are against society telling them what is appropriate to wear. Women do not want be stopped from wearing what they like.

Others may wear a cropped top to impress someone particularly since the small piece of clothing is fashionable and stylish. For date night, the cropped top can be paired with high-waisted jeans or skirt. Just remember to keep it simple and do not forget to bring a blazer for the cold night.

Wearing a cropped top that displays the navel can be difficult to pull off but there is no rule that says you cannot wear what you want. The abundance of clothing options available nowadays allows women to wear whatever they desire particularly if they worked hard enough at the gym to achieve toned abs. There is no reason why a sexy body must be hidden under bulky clothes.

The younger crowd is more confident and comfortable wearing cropped tops. There are occasions that call for less clothing due to warm weather. Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying life.

Summer and festivals are the perfect time to wear short cropped top because there is reason to be comfortable. If you do not want to display the belly button, choose the cropped top that shows only a bit of skin. Balance the outfit by adding a little sophisticated playfulness in your look.


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