The Story Of The Vespa Scooter In Vietnam

If it is your first time to visit Vietnam, you will be surprised at the number of scooters and motorcycles on the streets. Scooters and motorbikes are more suitable to Vietnam’s narrow streets and alleys. People go anywhere riding their Vespa scooters without worrying about available parking. To minimize accidents, Vietnam has strict laws on speeding and drinking.

If you will take a look at the Vespa scooter, it certainly shouts its identity as an Italian classic. Piaggio used to have strong presence in Asia but it has to withdraw. The Italian company tried to make things right by building a factory in Vietnam. The unit costs were reduced because the company avoided the 80% local duties.

Western companies tried to enter the Asian market by customizing its products. Piaggio launched the iconic Vespa in Vietnam – a product that was identical to the scooter it produces in Italy. Vespa’s painted, pressed steel unibody became the scooters unmistakable anchor to its identity.

The Vespa scooter costs 3 times more than the scooters produced by Honda and Yamaha. However, Vespa had an advantage in its distinctive design and premium price. Soon enough, the Vespa scooter became a status symbol in Vietnam’s streets.

Piaggio did not go head-to-head against established competitors in features and price. The company did the opposite by developing a new market for its premium scooters. Meanwhile, Honda started to import high-end scooters but unfortunately, Piaggio has already gained ownership of a foothold.

Market opportunity for scooters is huge in Vietnam. The scooter market in Vietnam is twice as big as that of Europe and 3 times that of the United States. Vietnam plays a big part in Piaggio’s revenues because there is huge demand for luxury products. Piaggio understood that Vietnam is different from other Asian markets because both the rich and poor alike use scooters.

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