Things To Look For In The New Honda Motorbike

There is a recent fad in the modern world that is looking for inspiration back in the nostalgic periods of the 1970’s and 1980’s to incorporate in products to the public. While some revivals can be seen as far from happening, like fashion statements prominent in the era (bell bottoms, anyone?), different things can be said about design, as there has always been an unshakable appeal to combining modern and classic.


Joining in on this characteristic trend is Honda and its motorbikes. Back in 2017’s Motor Show in Tokyo, it revealed its NSC – that is, Neo Sports Café – model for conceptualising the idea of a modern classic. The following month had seen a Honda motorbike design used for three different motorcycles, all of which were showcased in the 2017 EICMA.


The company still stands true to its NSC concept, as the Honda motorbike model CB300R hits the streets with its bold attempt at 300cc.


Motorbikes, as any other vehicle, are subject to visual criticism by possible consumers. That being said, it cannot be doubted that the Honda CB300R is surprisingly tasteful. The colour scheme and the exposed bike segments make for a truly retro feel! Though upon further examination, there is little quality taken from an old bike. Every aspect is modern and clearly up to date.


The motorbike itself may be put on the more compact side of the spectrum. Nonetheless, for the average rider, it is reasonably snug. The seat is firm, the tank supports the thighs, and the handlebars are wide enough apart.


In the Honda motorbike model CB300R, where looks are edgy and retro, the modern aspect is highlighted by the digital dash that has a snazzy layout. Not only does it gauge speed and fuel, but also shows the bike’s average use of fuel and coolant temperature. What’s more, it is fuel-efficient and may likely run for 400 kilometres without needing to stop for gas.


Overall, the Honda CB300R motorbike is designed to make city cruising a breeze. The suspension leaves little to be desired as it takes care of the pesky little bumps along the road. Even if the bike model is not easy on the wallet, its features, hardware, and electronics make it a better choice than other lower-cost bikes.

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